Music Summer

Summer 2022
1 to 5 weeks
from 26th June to 31th JULY

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    Everything you will find described on this page is not just our Musical Summer Camp, the result of careful didactic and organizational planning. In these lines we are telling you about an experience that represents our reality and our objectives: we want you to learn to express yourself through music, teaching you not only the rules of this language, but also how to use them to communicate yourself, in your uniqueness.

    During the days of the Camp you will experience all these 24 hours a day, surrounded by the nature of Trentino Alto Adige, welcomed by the beautiful town of Fondo, in the province of Trento.


    Whatever your level is, we look forward to welcoming you for a week dedicated to music.

    Courses are divided by age groups:

    • from 8 to 11 years old (possible accompaniment by parents may be evaluated);
    • 12 to 14 years;
    • 15 to 18 years;
    • 19 years and older.

    Since 2010, we have been organising the Summer Camp with the intention of providing to all the participants not only a high-level educational opportunity but also an emotionally rich and meaningful personal experience that you will always treasure.
    The exchange of meaningful moments, such as the final concert, and the friendships you will develop during these days will surely be with you for a long time.


    Activities programme:

    • 7:30 a.m. – waking-up and breakfast
    • 8:30 to 12:30 – lesson
    • 11:00 to 11:15 – a short break
    • 13:00 – lunch and relaxation
    • 14:00 to 16:00 – lesson
    • 16:00 to 20:00 – leisure activities (excursions, guided tours, etc.)*.
    • 20:00 – dinner and… chill, fun and music*.

    *All the leisure activities are organized by staff.

    The week on campus will be characterized, for a total of six hours a day, by individual, group classes and live performance rehearsals for the final concert, without ever skipping the leisure time.


    At the end of the camp week, the final concert will give you the opportunity to show what you have learned alongside your teachers.
    This is a unique learning experience, not only because you get to perform and share what you have learned, but also because you get to do it on a stage with top-notch equipment, run by professional technicians.


    During the Camp week, you will have the opportunity to improve your study method, technique, interpretation and expressiveness. To achieve all these goals, it is essential that you get to know us before your departure so that we can tailor the intensive study program totally to fit you.

    Therefore, if you are not already one of our students, we will arrange an interview for you at our school in Via Garegnano 2, Milan. If it is not possible for you to reach us, don’t worry! We will schedule the interview in a conference call, through an online platform.

    This initial contact will allow us to understand your abilities and aptitudes. The starting level that we will assign you will follow the Anglo-Saxon system based on the grades of the London College of Music (LCM and RGT), included in the European certification framework.

    Before your departure, the headteacher of your instrument will contact you to discuss the repertoire you will be working on during the week of camp, and you will have the opportunity to consult him/her at any time before your departure.

    UWL - RGT - LCM


    In the second part of the introductory phase, following the first interview with you, our teaching team will be available for a meeting with your ‘everyday’ teacher(s). This will make it easier for us to tailor the Camp Week study plan to your goals, working in synergy with those who already know your strengths and peculiarities.

    It is important for us to know your path, whether you want to continue on that one or whether you feel the need to discover a new repertoire, a different genre and whatever else you think will enrich your artistic background.


    During all these years we have received many requests from participants who would like to continue their lessons with the teachers they met during those days. For some of them, who live in the vicinity of the school, it has worked out without any problem and they visit us regularly.

    For those who live far away from Milan, we have developed a solution that allows them to continue the training with the Camp teachers among the regular classes they have in their own city: Online lessons are a very valuable resource. Through online lessons you will also have the opportunity to give continuity to your course, our teachers will be available and you can schedule your appointments according to your convenience.


    For each of the addresses, we have provided individual daily lessons.

    Together with your teacher, you can develop and improve your skills within a personalized study path that we will share with you before the Summer Camp begins.

    Your musical taste and attitudes will be fully respected, so do not worry, we will make your study hours absolutely exciting and creative!

    In addition to the individual lessons, there will be (depending on the instrument chosen) complimentary group classes as well as hours dedicated to live performance rehearsals for the final concert (both as soloists and as members of different ensembles/bands).

    SUMMER CAMP 2022

    “data updated to 03/05/2022”





    The cost per week includes 6 hours of lessons per day (individual and group lessons and rehearsal for the final concert), the final concert (open to all) and the full board.

    if you register before 31 May 2022:


    • from 1 June the cost is 1.430€
    • from 21 June the cost is 1.480€


    • from 21 June the cost is 1.130€
    • from 21 June the cost is 1.180€

    Always check the actual availability by calling us on +39 02 3962 7763.


    jazz pianoforte

    Classical, Jazz and Pop/Rock Piano

    The Piano Camp week aims not only to improve your technical and expressive knowledge of the instrument but also to refine your study method, which is essential to optimise your learning schedule.



    The Vocals Camp week aims to improve your vocal technique and interpretative skills: we will work not only on your instrument but also on your expressiveness.
    Individual lessons will be as personalised as possible, as each of you has different needs and characteristics.


    Folk, Pop/Rock and Jazz Guitar

    The Guitar Camp week aims to help you improve your technical and expressive knowledge of the instrument through individual and group lessons. During the lessons, you will learn about rhythmic reading and other topics that will allow you to freely express your musical creativity, and to delve into your preferred musical genre.

    Lezione di batteria


    The Drum Camp week aims to enrich your training with didactic and musical elements that go beyond the normal lessons held during the academic year. We want to lead you to improve your technical and expressive knowledge of the instrument and to deepen your musical genre or style.

    basso elettrico


    The Electric Bass Camp week will allow you to experience days of intensive study of the instrument: you will participate in stimulating and highly formative individual and group lessons that will also re-invent your method of studying music.

    Corso intensivo di Sax


    The week-long saxophone campus will allow you to deepen and improve the technical and expressive aspects of the instrument, applying what you will learn to the genre you choose to tackle and enriching your journey during the ensemble music sessions.

    Corso intensivo di Flauto traverso


    During the week-long flute camp, you will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of the instrument, stylistic, expressive and technical aspects that we will address together, tailoring the course to your experience.

    Corso intensivo di violino


    A weekly violin campus, during which you will have a personalised teaching experience and touch on fundamental topics for your musical and artistic growth: setting the correct body position, educating the musical ear and much more.


    Our Staff

    During your stay you can always count on the support of our staff, who will be there 24 hours a day, both during the teaching activities and during leisure time.

    In particular, the staff of the MC Music School will personally take care of students aged between 12 and 17 years old, while for children aged between 8 and 11 years old the presence of a parent is required during the entire period of stay (this will be determined for each case).

    Instruments and equipment

    To give you the opportunity to practice at any time, you will have at your disposal 3 grand pianos (one Steinway and two Yamaha), 8 upright pianos (Yamaha) and professional sound and voice equipment. (For the guitar and bass camps, please note that you will need to bring your own instrument!)


    Every year for the MC Summer Music Campus we choose high altitudes locations: villages surrounded by nature, clean air and perfect temperatures to enjoy the summer week without sweating, between hours of study, relaxing walks and moments of fun.

    Specifically, the setting for this year’s Campus will be a beautiful village in Trentino Alto Adige, bordered by mountains and deep valleys, at an altitude of around 1000 metres: Fondo (TN).

    Among the wonders offered by this area we must mention the Rio Sass Canyon, which has been accessible since a few years thanks to footbridges and ladders, and the Lake Smeraldo, a reservoir in the north of the valley that will leave you breathless.


    We will be welcomed by the professional staff of Hotel Lady Maria ***, a true oasis of peace, located in the close surroundings of the canyons of Val di Non and Lake Smeraldo.
    Also in the vicinity of the hotel is Lake Tret, set in an enchanting landscape, and Lake Tovel, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps.
    We could go on listing the must-see places in the area around the Lady Maria Hotel! We don’t want to tell you too much, you will discover the rest by yourself.
    The hotel also offers a variety of services to make your stay even more comfortable: an indoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym and a Wellness Area (recently renewed).

    1 to 5 weeks
    FROM 26th JUNE TO 31th JULY

    6 hours a day dedicated to music. Individual and group lessons.
    3 grand pianos and 8 upright pianos. High-quality sound and voice equipment.
    Closing concerts. And lots of fun!


    I’m interested in joining the summer camp, have you decided anything related to coronavirus? Will it still take place?

    The MC Music School is constantly monitoring governmental announcements, and every decision regarding activities is taken considering first and foremost the safety of our students and compliance with the ordinances. We will only operate within the rules and put your and our safety first. For this reason, we are committed to provide you timely communications regarding any changes and further clarifications. Our staff is always available for any request.

    Can i join the summer music camp even if i just started studying music?

    This is one of the questions you ask us the most. The answer is yes. We have an amount of teaching staff that is capable of ensuring that each and every one of you is well supported. You will have a teaching program to follow during your week, created on the basis of your level, aptitude and goals. As a result, our summer music camp is suitable for students of all levels, including those who have just started playing.

    I have been studying music for a long time, i would like to enrol to achieve specific goals, could the music summer camp be what i am looking for?

    Just as for those who have recently started to study music, the campus week offers a tailor-made training program for those who are more experienced and have been studying for longer. Before enrolling, we will have an interview to get to know each other: this first meeting will have a didactic value as it will allow us to understand your starting level and prepare your weekly study plan based on your objectives.

    Is the music summer camp suitable for all ages?

    You often ask us if you are not too grown up for the summer camp, thinking that it is mainly addressed to children and teenagers. We can tell you otherwise: during these years we have had students from 8 to 80 years old. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of signing up for a week in which there are no students of your age group, don’t worry: we are happy to update you on the age of the students enrolled in the week you are interested in or to indicate the week that is most suitable for you. 

    Is it possible to stay in a single room at the hotel?

    Yes, it is possible. Obviously, we have to check the availability of the hotel itself (we cannot predict how many single rooms are available, in past years we have never had any organizational problems, but this is a variable that does not depend on us).